Wednesday, June 1, 2011

little thoughts during the month of May

Most of you are unfortunate to be unable to enjoy the privilege of reading my tweets which I have to admit are sometimes really ahem profound spur-of-the-moment observations, though mostly are irrelevant (but interesting!) information. Therefore I’ve decided to share some random tweets which made up for a month of May that I am undecided about whether to love or hate.


Woo hoo the rashes in my nostrils are in the drying and peeling stage! #tmi #youknowyouloveme

Was being a bimbo for the last 10 minutes. Felt good though!

Thanks everybody! :) @limaymay @raffithng @meihsuanc @winstonlim

U know the scene where regina starts her crazy screaming frenzy when she found out cady betrayed her? Yep im screaming like that now.

From all the tweets I gather that the world is ending Saturday. Which is uh now? *awkward*

Can i get a nose job for my 21st? << no seriously, can someone sponsor me?

I have a feeling somebody injected endorphines into the bottle of goats milk body soap :S

Am I the only girl who imagines bumping into a celeb crush who happens to be in Msia, after which he falls in <3 w me & then we get married?

I've thought about it a lot and decided that there are more sad people than happy ones in this world.

I made my first ever purchase of a lipstick this afternoon. #grownup

Steven Hyde is hot! Why dont i know anyone like that?

Is it me or are bicycles reaaally skinny these days?

Survived 1st bootcamp session! Top 3 (from bottom) for 2-lap run, 15 push ups, 10 grunts, 15 crunches (x3). Completed mile run in 14.10!

I swear, a hot muscly russian model just walked past me. *faints*

It's devastating to find out things you wish you nvr knew. However it's inexpressibly heartbreaking to find someone you wish you never knew.

RT @sheenaliam I don't really take good care of myself, I just exist and survive.

Conclusion: Just shut up and be happy.


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