Monday, July 18, 2011

read between the lines

If palmistry information on this site is to be believed, then I am:

a) Idealistic, dependent on partner, stressful, intellectually-bent, intertwined relationships, karmic relationships (??)

b) Ambitious, excellent memory (but apparently fading memory towards the end?), materialistic, mental confusion (whut?)

c) Good health/vitality, smooth life, life path is multifold.

d) Fate is “failures, disappointments, struggle, indecisiveness”. Ah.

e) Absence of fame line.

f) Two significant relationships.

g) Either no children, or there will be 6? Uh…

h) Health is not an issue.

i) Broken bracelets lines indicate ill health or lowering of chi energies. (Conflicting information?)

j) Quite a fair bit of travel lines, which means I may travel much/have the desire to travel.

k) Ultra-sensitive. …indicates a need for shielding or creating emotional boundaries.

Quite a positive reading I would say, though just average. Now, if I were to look at my right palm instead of the left, it might show something else in addition.

I am still torn between thinking of myself as an owner of a fascinating Simian Crease. I do have a straight line on my right hand, but conflictingly I also have a third heart line, which is supposedly not present in true Simian lines. However if that is the case, then I may be a ‘highly intelligent, highly evolved person blessed with gifts of extremism, intensity and stamina’.

Palmists, what do you think?

BUT reading on, apparently people with Simian Creases are always doing a lot more than others, having either ‘on’ or ‘off’ energy (very true), and always feeling misunderstood. Not gonna mention the part (okay I’m mentioning it now) where ‘others can’t keep up’ cos it’s perasan-ish but I do think it’s pretty true in my case. Or maybe I’m just damn impatient.

The site says that I may also ‘come across as cold and aloof when you think you are being considerate’. Yes yes yes! Most of the time it’s because I just don’t have a smiley face, it’s not that I hate you so much I don’t even care to look at you. (-Information quoted from here)

However in palmistry, just like horoscopes, you just have to take all the coincidences with a pinch of salt, believe in all the ‘good stuff’ and scoff at the bad ones!

2 things to say:

Divemuster said...

Very interesting. Your right lines are similiar to those on my left hand. I don't know what you call it but its almost an unbroken line across. My right is unbroken right across. My dad and brothers are unbroken on both hands.

Samantha Chow said...

Woah! Does yours/your dad/brothers have ONLY two lines on each hands?