Tuesday, July 12, 2011

things to do in the near future: an update

Seventeen months ago, I made a list of Things To Do In The Near Future.

1. Taste a macaroon. > done. (Singapore March 2010)

2. Get a tiny tattoo. > Still chickening out.

3. Go on a reaaally scary rollercoaster with you. > done. In fact, we got on a few that day, which was really more than enough for you I think.

4. Go on a day foodie trip. > done. (Malacca March 2011)

5. Go on a long faraway holiday. > done.

6. Catch the sunbeam one misty morning. > done. (I would have at least one sporadic early morning insomnia moment in seventeen months, wouldn’t I?)

7. Attend a Zee Avi and/or Joanna Wang performance. > No.

8. Start a photo blog. > I guess tumblr doesn’t really count does it?

9. Get a camera. > done, almost instantaneously after the post itself. Love my G11 still even after seventeen months.

And the 10th thing as an afterthought, here.

10. Meet the entire cast of Grey’s Anatomy. > uh…


Six out of ten in seventeen months isn’t that bad isn’t it? New list coming up!

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