Tuesday, August 16, 2011

did you?

Have you ever felt like this? That all that you have believed in all these while, turn out to be a lie? That all you thought it was to be was actually a joke, you being the smack centre of the joke?

Did you know that even the smallest of things result in an effect, however unlikely? Did you know that the beating of a pretty little butterfly’s wings can cause a whirlwind in the quiet mountains of the Himalayas? Did you know that the second you make a decision and decide on a path, the gears clocks into action, consequences immediately making their initial unsuspecting appearances into the huge mess of the end that will occur one day.

Did you know that when you chose to do what you did, that it would end up the way it has, or will? That you have destroyed lives, killed dreams, wasted precious hopes, and made a bit of the world a whole lot uglier? Or did you pretend that the opposite would occur instead; that everybody would end up happy, smiling, spreading positive vibes to all newborn babies that the world is indeed a happy heaven of love and experience, instead of a depressing journey of constant downhill leading to sure death?

Did you know that? Or did you told yourself otherwise and pretended not to know?

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to do things without having to worry about the consequences? Because the naive innocent girl over here has spent all her life worrying about trivial things like these, when people like you proudly show us that it is clearly irrelevant.

Pfft, and I thought I was the cleverest of them all.

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