Friday, January 14, 2011

complete absurdity

There is just so many things that I believe in, and yet I know will be impossible to achieve. For example, getting someone who truly madly deeply loves you and treats you like the most precious jewel in the world with every need to be fulfilled. I have observed much of men who are supposed to be grown up, mature and knows of common courtesy. It however should not be a surprise that many of them have failed my observations. Imagine girls coming to the table, then standing uncertainly looking around for chairs. And the tableful of guys could just stare up at them stupidly and wait for the sky to rain blood or cows to fly. Even after they'd been told to stand up and be a man, they could just sit there and not do anything.
I wonder how can they do such a thing, then only pretending to be a gentleman to a particular girl that they like when they are able to treat other girls like that.
Apart from the topic of 'men' friends, I do not want a love slave, yet I still want to be one of those Disney princesses, much adored and loved by a Prince whom I imagine is by their side at all times, loving them forever and ever. To listen and act exactly what I want them to, though it may not be what I said.
If you don't get what I mean, it's because you have not grasped the 'When the girl says No, she actually means Yes, but there are times when she really just means No...' Guide To A Woman's Mind.
Oh gawd, being human is so annoying.

Monday, January 10, 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race: Burpzilla!

Do you know what I do most of the time?

Whether it be sleeping, walking around aimlessly or just dreaming into space, most of the time my mind is working very hard thinking about…what to eat next.

I dream of food…

When I just had breakfast, I’ll be thinking about lunch plans. When I just had lunch, I’ll start planning where to go for dinner. When it’s dinner…okay you get the idea.

Yes I’m always so hungry I can eat a horse

I love going to new restaurants and trying their best/recommended dishes as I believe every restaurant has its specialty. I’ve been wanting to start my own food blog for ages (haven’t found the time) but I’ve got a lot of food pictures in store! Check out two of my latest posts here and here for yummy looking foodie pics found in my blog.

However even with all my food hunting online and in food magazines, I’ve always had trouble finding the places (due to my very bad sense of direction). Now with the new Maxis Finder301 Application, you can easily find information on food, restaurants and more!

Finder301 has the largest food listings in Malaysia, and you can get phone numbers, addresses, food reviews and even a map (yay!). Find out more here:

But there’s no point for you to have a smart phone and this application without a data plan… just like me I have to depend on free wireless wherever I go to tweet, it’s so troublesome. So there’s the Maxis Wireless Broadband for both you and me to stay connected:

Now back to the foodie topic: I was so so so excited when Nuffnang announced that they are having the Om Nom Nom contest! I quickly gathered a team and boy, are we a foodie-loving team! First we have Li May the monster-eating girl who eats more than me but still manages to stay super skinny. Next we have Donny whom is obviously a food-lover as you can see that he authors a food review blog! Then we have Nicholas who is also a foodie (that’s why he likes following me on Penang eating trips, and why I call him Tubby :P) and ‘wallops’ everything I can’t finish.

Maxis Om Nom Nom Race
We’d be Nom-ing our way to Hong Kong!

And last but not least we have *drumrolls* ME, of course. Duh, if you do the maths it’s obviously me. It’s like the Mary’s father had 4 daughters trick question…but I’m going out of topic.

One of my favourite quotations is that I live to eat, as I had inherited my family’s Chinese genes. And my particular family is a very food-friendly one; we never miss a meal and would not mind going to very far off places just to try their specialty. Once we’re there we’ll always evaluate and comment on everything: the food, ambience, time it took to come and whether we’ll come back. I am truly my parents’ daughter as I now too learn to enjoy food and not minding paying more for good food. With all my crazy eating sprees and binges, it's a wonder I can still fit in an M size tee.. (though some clothes cutting are crazy, pfft don't wanna talk about it)

What’s the race about? Imagine Amazing Race Food Edition! I love joining races (I joined the Taylor’s Mass Colympics Amazing Race 2010 in November and Sunway Xtreme Challenge 2010 in August), and to combine it with the magic F word, it’s just my dream race!

In the Om Nom Nom challenge, our team will go to yet unknown restaurants to review their best dishes. Using the iPhone 4, the Finder301 application and Wireless Broadband by Maxis, we’ll be given clues to find those restaurants then blog about it live, so be sure to follow our blogs, twitter and facebook as we’ll be um updating live. We’ll be posting the reviews in ALL our blogs, so that our individual followers (ahem stalkers in my case) can read all.Check out Burpzilla’s introduction posts here:

> Donny's Post
> Li May's Post
> Nicholas's Post

Hope to see you in the race! Meanwhile I’m gonna go think what to have for tea…

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

day 8 and counting

According to the third doctor (in 8 days) said that it could be a gastric problem. A condition called 'acid reflux', also known as Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) which was a word I saw very frequently when researching Costo as they have very similar symptoms. Apparently gastric juice back flows into my chest and burns my esophagus as well as all the food that I eat, which is why my chest hurts so much whenever I have food. 

However the doctor could not tell me why it only affects worse on certain food such as chocolate and kiwi and not wantan mee. I was also told to stop taking medication given for Costo and to take his, which are 3 kinds of pills! 

I woke up this morning with terrible chest pains and backache (slept wrongly I think), and not to mention tummy pain from the stupid monthly thing. Yes I know I can't seem to stop complaining but this is the only way I can release my tensions (hand writing is too long and difficult these days) as people around me gets more annoyed and less believing.

What I really want is a xray scan and Dr House to tell me it's going to be fine.

Monday, January 3, 2011

f is for find a way to die... 'fraid not, ma'am

I'm convinced that I do not only have Costochondritis, but I also have a chest ailment that is showing symptoms that Costo is not supposed to have.

For example the doctor said that food does not affect Costo pain, as it is only the stomach that produces gastric. But the pain that I experience is a stabbing chest pain, usually just right after I swallow only particular food stuff like chocolate (bars, muffins etc), kiwi fruit and right now, non-spicy tom yam mihun. I don't have problem with wantan mee though, though I have not had rice in the past few days so I don't know about that.

I have also finished one cycle of medicine and have renewed my prescription, but so far it is only getting worse.

The thing that makes me upset is that I wanted to go see the Mid Valley doctor but they didn't let me in because I did not have my medical card. The stupid thing I must've left in the pocket of my shorts from yesterday! I am so angry, depressed, sick, in pain and I want to slap and punch people right now because everyone else is obviously not in pain while I have been suffering 24/7 NON STOP for the past SEVEN DAYS!

I do not want to keep complaining, I know that my family, boy and twitter people are getting bored of hearing 'chest pain here pain there pain', and I'm tired of telling people too. But I have a feeling that IF it is NOT Costo but something else (too?), and if it is not resolved soon, I will just die.

And I've always wanted to die peacefully in my sleep, not die clutching my heart in the middle of a mall. Besides, I haven't gone to Krabi or Bali, so it is not possible for me to die now.


e is for emergency exit

The only reason why I'm up and running on blogger writing something on late night Sunday is because I had just read my favourite wordy blog ever and as usual I'm inspired to write more. Like after you visit a photo blog or NatGeo then you want to pick up photography, or after reading lolcats you want to get a cat. It's the overexcited  inspired moment which usually lasts, in my case, for a quick half an hour. Before I am distracted away by books or God forbid, loldogs!

I am here to tell you about something quite important and serious...well to me at any rate. If not to inform the couple of flies in here then just to keep note of it. One resolution of mine is to write more, whether or not I'm inspired. I found that if one has to wait for inspiration to come before writing, it will never. The trick (I think!) is to keep writing, and never falter even when it seems to be the darkest moment and there is a discouraging lack of support. One does not have to conform to norm and the ordinary, but individualistic characters and thinkings and musings are the lifelines to each and every one of us. Everyone is different, therefore our ways of expressing ourselves are different. You may be good in the written form, or expressing visually through photographs, or drawing might be your forte...but what I have (whatever it is) is different and not the same as anyone else. Like the saying, 'Always remember that you are unique...just like everyone else.' Not exactly inspiring, but it's the truth. And the best would be just to take the first part of the saying and discard the latter.

Back to the 'quite important and serious' announcement (yes the resolution thing wasn't the thing I wanted to tell you about - it just got in the way). I was diagnosed with Costrochondritis on 29th December, around 5 days ago. I had chest pain the day before and the family doctor said that it was the dry swallowing of the antibiotic I took two nights before. Well, actually it was my dad who said it might be because of that, and I mentioned it to the doctor and he did not disagree with me but told me to rest and eat more ice cream and mashed potato for it to dissolve.

Unfortunately the pain did not go away. I had trouble breathing; it was painful and a stabbing pain which lasted for a whole day and the next...until I couldn't take it at work because it was so so painful that I went to see the doctor at a Mid Valley clinic. She was attentive and diagnosed me with the (I can't decide between using disease, ailment or sickness - perhaps I'll just go with Costo) Costo and said that it was an inflammation of the ribcage muscle, something about the cartilage and the spinal cord. She also said that the lump on my neck (which my local doctor diagnosed at 'heaty') was due to an infected rash on my scalp, which was a form of dermatitis. I had the scalp problem many months ago and thought it was nothing as it was just itchy and flaky but nothing serious. I didn't know that it would cause the lump on my neck, which I found around Christmas time and thought the worst.

So I had Costo and dermatitis. Not a great way to end the year, but at least I knew what was wrong with me. It felt so much better to have it diagnosed, and as I researched the diseases online I found that most Costo patients were women, and it can be caused from Repetitive motions like leaning over a computer and air-conditioning, both of which are present in my current work space. I do not sleep with the air-cond at home and I do not spend hours leaning over the computer at home because I prefer to read or sleep or whatnot, but I guess that the one month of working in an office has finally taken a toll on me.

It sucks because the last time I worked at an office, I gained loads of weight because I was sitting down and eating snacks non-stop and having really late dinners, but now I have to get inflicted with this painful chest-stabbing disease and it's quite disconcerting to know that I've contracted this after only one month.

How would it be when I graduate and get a 9-6 job at an office permanently? Would I have to take MCs every month and leave after half a year due to poor health? Would I have to work from home and be absent from society and the world? (Okay quit the drama Sam.) But it's true that I'm pondering what I can and should do...and I think that all of us know the answer. Me, you the one reading, and the two flies buzzing around.

This is where the dreaded E word makes its premier appearance on my blog: Exercise. *big gasps all around, a woman clutching her chest and faints*

But enough, I do not need more drama tonight. Therefore the E word is Eliminated (haha) and never to be seen again, at least until they come up with a better alternative to make us healthier without having to do that. *gags*

I have digressed greatly from my telling the Costo story, but to make it short as the two flies are buzzing off to sleep soon, it's been about a week and the pain is still here (admittedly getting worse after the hill climbing at i-City on NYE) and I can't eat chocolate or the kiwi fruit without feeling like I have a heart attack but the local doctor insists that food does not affect it and it's just psychological but I know it is not and he is wrong and therefore there must be something else affecting me - but I do hope that the Costo will heal soon as next week onwards will be a very busy time.

No time for the sick word, Samantha.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

Sun been down for days
A winter melody she plays
The thunder makes her contemplate

She hears a noise behind the gate
Perhaps a letter with a dove
Perhaps a stranger she could love

nye 2010

Amazing New Year’s Eve. Italiannies with the friends (unfortunately the food items the boy and I chose which was the set was really lousy and so not worth the price. Three days later I still cringe thinking of the money I spent for food like that), then a 2-hour jam to i-City. And we reached there JUST IN TIME: car went in the parking area then poof poof poof the fireworks came on. And every car just stopped where they were and people just came out and watched the fireworks.

Just lovely.

Risotto & salmon salad = RM58++. Totally not worth it, especially the risotto.  

This picture reminds me of the Big Bang

Love the colourful trees

  Yellow bells

And the grand icicled Christmas tree…

i-City is a lovely place to go…if you haven’t been there before and not on NYE. Of course I’m talking about going to look at the colourful trees and of not the general tech shops there.