Monday, February 13, 2012



When Bobby first came into our lives, I have to admit I was sceptical that he would remain around us long enough. He was picked off the streets by my uncle and adopted into the family (at my recently late grandma’s house).

Bobby was allowed to move around freely and was a frequent terror to many of us who were not used to having dogs running around (yes such as I). He was just a dirty and ugly street dog and we did not understand why he was allowed into the house. Such was the life of an adopted street dog that he was always kept on the porch and tied up whenever there are guests in the house. He did not bite or growl but neither was he really that kind of tail-waggingly friendly. He did always bark whenever people came to the gate though, but the loud barks became lesser as he saw more and more of us. Nowadays he would just stare at us through the gate and quietly sat under the table as we come through the gate.

And now, many months later I realised that Bobby is a patient character. He was grudgingly accepted into a new family, not being the overly friendly or adorable breed to pull people’s hearts at first sight but gained our and his own trust over time. It did take some time for him to recognise us as people who would not hurt him, and vice versa for us.

A few weeks ago I had just reached my grandma’s place by myself with a dead phone battery and alarm bell not working. I could see people talking inside the house who were presumably having so much fun that nobody heard my shouts to open the door. Bobby was tied under the table on the porch as usual. He peered up as I walked up to the gate and vainly shouted to the people inside the house, and then he gave a short, loud helpful bark. Someone inside heard his bark and saw me outside. Saved from spending the night outdoors!

It was such a vast difference, comparing that day when we first saw him and gave a groan of disgust, to yesterday at my grandmother’s funeral when he was petted and spoilt by many calling his name and feeding him treats. It seems that we have a new loved member of the family. Bobby did not turn all diva-ish but remained his unassuming attitude by wandering around the porch and garden and lying down for a nap every now and then. He was probably more curious than ecstatic as to why there were so many people sitting around and taking up space in the garden for the past few days.

If I could have a superpower, I would like to understand what our animals think. The things we’d learn…

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