Thursday, November 8, 2012

the princess who was missing something

Once upon a time in a faraway land, a princess was born.

She was not pretty, neither was she hideous-looking. What the princess
was, was average. She wasn't the smartest or the bravest, but she
wasn't the dumbest or the most cowardly of all the other princesses.

However she had a loving family and friends, so she was happy.

When this princess was older, she met a Prince who made her very
happy. He brought her flowers, chocolate and tiny birds which sang to
her at night.

She felt very happy, knowing that she had everything that money could
buy, and the people she loved around her.

One day, an evil witch came from the unspoken land. She cast a spell
on the princess and took away a part of her.

Nobody knew what it was that she took, neither did the princess
herself actually.

What she knew however, was that from that day on, she wasn't happy anymore.

She still had her family, friends, a castle to live in, a prince who
held her at night, birds that serenaded when she felt lonely...but she
wasn't the same anymore.

She thought and thought and thought about what could make her happy.
She worried, she fretted, she stopped doing anything but that. She
grew older quickly and looked fourty by the time she was twenty, and
grew fat ugly horrid boring.

The horrible thing is that when she died, an ugly hag, she was still
surrounded by her loved ones who stuck by her the whole time. Yes,
even the prince, whom had lost her when the evil witch took away a
part of her.

Looking back, the princess realised that by worrying about that one
thing that was missing, she was actually missing out on the rest of
the world. On everything else.

The evil witch didn't take her everything. The princess herself
rejected everything else. Who else is there to be blamed but her own

The princess realised this too late. She was old dying sick haggard
regretful not breathing died.

The end.